Is Outlook Free App For iOS & Android

The number of Microsoft email holders is roughly the same as the Gmail users. Many of us even sport one account from each one of them. The process is made easy as Outlook app is available on both play store and iTunes to download and that too free of cost.

outlook free app

So, to put the answer simple, yes you can use Outlook on your mobile devices free of cost. But things start to change if you are using Outlook for corporate purpose. If you still don’t know what Outlook is, it is a personal information manager. This means that Outlook not only handles your emails but also keeps a track on your calendar, contacts, notes, etc.

Is is Free?

In essence, Outlook is an all-in-one app that helps you to keep track of your personal and Office tasks and emails. Therefore, it is a handy application to have at hand. Things get a bit different when you are using the app for personal needs and company uses.

If you are looking for a place, where you can get Outlook or download APK for free, then follow the link. Here you will have access to millions of Android apps for your mobile device. It’s the best place to get the latest Outlook App.

Microsoft has published an answer to this specific query, addressing the issue and stating that you need a license for commercial use of Outlook.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to using the functionalities of Outlook for commercial use, you need an Office 365 subscription. The perk of having an Office 365 subscription is that you will be getting a host of Microsoft Office and other services roped in with cloud storage.

To be clear, there are 4 types of Office 365 subscription:

  1. Office 365 Pro Plus
  2. Office 365 Enterprise E1
  3. Office 365 Enterprise E3
  4. Office 365 Enterprise E5

Office 365 Pro plus:

It comes with 6 Office apps such asWord, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., and OneDrive service. This license can be used on 5 phones, 5 tabs, and 5 Desktops or Macs. You will also have 1 TB of online storage and can accommodate an unlimited number of users. The customer care is available for you 24/7.

outlook office 365 proplus

Office 365 Enterprise E1:

With E1, you won’t get any desktop version of Office appsthough you will have access to the web version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This is purely enterprise-focused as you get unlimited HD calling with up to 250 people and can hold meetings with 10,000 persons overSkype.

outlook office 365 enterprise

Office 365 enterprise E3:

With E3, you are getting the perks of E1, plus 6 Office apps you can use on desktops. Again, this option lets you install the apps on 5 phones, 5 desktops, and 5 tablets. You are also getting the skype and Yammer features for your business. These devices that Microsoft provides make the job of hosting meetings and video conferences hassle free.

outlook office 365 enterprise e3

Office 365 Enterprise E5:

With E5, you are getting a new service on top of all the features included in E3. This new service is called Power Bl Pro. This service is really helpful for your company if it runs Power Bl service.

Also, your emails will be guarded by advanced threat detection system that will enable you to have a peace of mind when important documents are stored in your inbox. There is also the added functionality of Audio Conferencing by means of telephone. Also, you can set up meetings, using the dial-up numbers of the participants.

outlook office 365 enterprise e5

There it is, a concise guide to Office 365 Enterprise plans. If you are running a company and need the email system fully integrated with the availability of Office apps everywhere you go, having 365 subscriptions is key to keeping everything organized.

There are other Office 365 options if you are a student. There won’t be any Microsoft services enabled for students, but you will get the Office apps as per the plan you have opted.

However, for regular users, you can pretty much ignore the subscription options and directly install and use the app. You will have all the functionality of the Outlook apps to maintain your emails.

If you think that Outlook only handles Microsoft accounts, you are wrong! You can also sync your Gmail account with Outlook.

Your Google account will work just fine with the Outlook app, thus helping you to keep things in check.

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